Author: Graeme   Date Posted:30 June 2018 

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Way too busy to be blogging over the last week or so, and had promissed myself to chat regularly. I could say my computer had frozen but that would only be true because of winter temperatures. We have the most wonderful winter days here when the sun comes out, but last week with some rain the cold crept and stayed.

We have received some very modest interest in our on line shop since launch, and we were very excited to get  a picture of our first parcels. The modest start up has been a benefit in a way as we have been learning and expanding our offering as we grow. Becomming more confident now though and will start to advertise the web link more seriously. Here's hoping for some patronage as post flood Lismore still struggles to return to the business activity prior to April 2017.

Over at the university where I spend my daylight hours, flood is all the talk at the moment. Dealing with changing hydrology of the landscape that comes with human development, the supply of clean water and the management of unusual rainfall events appears to be an issue globally. For us here on the Lismore flood  plane, the issue is very local, and we live in fear of another event like 2017 flood. This is because there is the risk that you can lose you entire stock asset, there is no insurance available and you don't come back from that. The diminishing management flexibility that authorities impose is very concerning too. I hope something comes from the emerging research aspiration of the university because I believe we need a more transparent and interactive management of flood including those who have there entire "skin" in the game.


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