Author: Graeme   Date Posted:10 December 2019 

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We came into managment of the shop in 2017 just before the flood of that year. Since then, there has been a slow deterioration in trade which I am sure many people are aware of. Depite that, so many of our customers continue to be loyal to our shop comming to the CBD to do shopping to help out. 

Not sure how to express thanks for that, because this attitude has saved us, and that's not understating the contribution.

We contnue to carry large losses not least due to the flood, but we are determined to survive and continue to be here. 

Hopefully there will be improvement in everyone's circumstances  soon and we can invest some money back into the range and offer even better shopping experience to our customers.

Here's to a better 2020.

Hope you all have a great break over Christmas.




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