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Author: Graeme   Date Posted:6 June 2018 

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We are three days after launch and no huge problems here at mission control. I don't think many folks know we are here yet so haven't been tested too rigorously. Still adding more products from our range so growing steadily.

I thought a good post might be to make an introduction. I am Graeme Palmer, last born child of "Jim" Palmer who owned the shop and operated it with Veronica Vaughan for 35 years before my wife Janice and I took it on. 

Janice and I have a modest knowledge of retail at best and come to this role from careers in science. We still work there and depend on the staff who have been here decades, to operate each day. We are finding the experience a bit challenging, particularly now when retail in general is a bit slow. Despite that we hope the shop can find a place in the “pressure cooker” world of retail, and we can all keep coming to work. Janice and I like to think we are doing all we can, giving the place a face lift after floods in 2017, and creating the on-line shop.

Here’s hoping.

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