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Author: Graeme   Date Posted:6 March 2019 

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I haven’t blogged for a while. Lost interest a little given no one was watching. Unfazed, I am starting to talk to myself again.

I have tried not to get political but I can’t stay silent. A few issues of late that I have thought worth a review.

There was the issue of coal exports to China the other week. I was amused that the government responded with “don’t know why” and the opposition with “must be government incompetence”. No one noticed the tremor of fear that everyone felt when the prospect of our foreign sales disappearing.  Not politician suggested that policy might need to be directed to diversify production and markets. I’ve got an idea lets produce food and sell that. Maybe some of the income might even make it into he hands of people that worked for it.


Closer to home, the latest political debate about how to flood proof Lismore (where we are) has entered the state electioneering. Can I suggest that nothing will flood proof Lismore and possibly a better approach will be to better prepare for these events. Its not like a fire where all is lost in minutes. You get time to move, and our goal should be to achieve zero loss of belongings. What about a better predictive capacity around inundation, informing a day ahead not hours. No one should be too concerned if the flood doesn’t come. If you a day to prepare then you must concede that sometimes you might pack for no reason. Better that than watching your livelihood or home float away.


On a positive note I am amused at the shouts of violation of freedom of choice when plastic bags were banned. Then a matter of a month after, no noise at all and everyone is on the program of reusing bags. These have become a bit of a fashion item which is fun. I also applaud the innovations around reusable food wraps and lunch bags for school kids. Major reduction is soft plastics utilisation. Kind of gives me hope that the good sense of people coupled with democratic processes will deliver good outcome in the long run.

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